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My private practice is in Tempe. I love my work as a Christian therapist helping individuals, marriages, and families to have more abundant lives. My work is very rewarding. I married my high school sweetheart and we have three wonderful sons. I look forward to speaking with you as you consider the possibility of improving your life.

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Why Christian Counseling?   It Fits like a Glove!

When I saw counseling from the neck up, it was just about what goes on in someone's head. It did not make sense to me. It was very limited in its depth of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) that I believe is needed for true life changes. This CPU is not what is in a computer. The CPU for human beings is their heart. The psychology I studied for many years never once mentioned the heart.

I was exposed to countless studies of rats going through mazes, some made it and some did not. Yes, we are all free to choose how we decide to make changes in our life. We can deal from our shoulders up, or we can work for Spiritual changes in our heart (CPU) that in turn changes the thinking that goes on in our head. I know for me it starts with Christian Spirituality in my heart and that leads my head into Spiritually healthy thoughts (Cognitions) that bring about healthy changes in my life .

When we look at the spiritually based recovery programs that God gave us, we see millions of people who are recovering from issues in their life and many from impending death had they not gotten into recovery. An excellent example is the 12 Steps program that came from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and its co-founders, Bill W. and Dr. Bob. I did some research to see how many recovery programs have adapted 12 steps recovery programs. Wikipedia says, “Over 200 self-help organizations–often known as fellowships with a worldwide membership of millions now employ twelve-step principles for recovery.” I believe that most people would agree that without Spirituality as the basis there would be no recovery. Most of the recovery programs are based on a God or higher power of your understanding. My choice of God in my life is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

There is an analogy that I thought of when I was preparing to write these thoughts on “Why Christian Counseling.” There are many different size hands and many different glove sizes. You might say the heart and head need to fit hand and glove. When we have our heart as the power and strength with our thoughts surrounding it then we have the potential of forming a healthy team. When the hand and the glove fit together and work together in a harmonious way, then we have a balance of the heart and the head that work together for the greatest potential of good in our life.

Will my insurance cover my Counseling?

This is a question that you may be asking. We cannot answer it with a simple yes or no. Please give Dr. Stadheim a call and he or his secretary will guide you through a series of questions that you need to ask your insurance provider. Then you can determine if you have insurance coverage for your counseling and what benefits you may have. Most of our clients do have partial coverage from their insurance. Please call to discuss fees, coverage and options.

Church Support

Dr. Stadheim’s tested experience offers an opportunity for any church to have an extra trained, experienced and sensitive ear. Dr. Bob is available for pulpit supply, speaking, teaching and consulting. He would be pleased to work with your church or your organization, board or pastoral team.

Statement of Confidentiality

Except as required by law, information revealed during counseling and psychological testing will be kept strictly confidential by your counselor and will not be revealed to any other person or agency without your written permission.

No audio or video recordings will be made without your written consent. Your therapist may consult with other staff members or other counseling professionals regarding the best course of your treatment. In a very small number of situations, therapists are legally required to reveal information obtained during counseling to other persons or agencies without your permission. If any information is given out under these circumstances, your therapist will let you know of his or her actions. For example, if you threaten grave bodily harm or death to yourself or another person or destruction of property, your counselor is required to act in a responsible manner to inform or protect the intended victim.

If a court of law issues a legitimate request, your counselor is required to provide the information specifically described in the order. If you are court ordered for counseling or testing, the results of the treatment or tests ordered must be revealed to the court. If there is a child abuse, physical and/or sexual, your therapist is required to act responsibly.


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